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Vietnam Cashew wide door to the US

If the economic partnership agreements across the Pacific (TPP) was signed in the near future, cashews VN will have many advantages compared with rivals India and Brazil in America.

That information was Nguyen Duc Thanh, chairman of the Association Article VN (Vinacas), said after returning from a round of trade promotion US market.Mr. Thanh said: 

  - From 14 to 23-4, group national trade promotion chaired by Vinacas worked with importers, trade associations and Drug Administration US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in four provinces The main point is New York, New Jersey, Washington and Los Angeles.

At these locations, the delegation held a conference Vinacas trade promotion with the Food Industry Association of America (AFI), met 15 business groups eating nuts is America's largest and discussion the remaining problems and solutions in product quality with AFI and FDA.

It increases export prices

According to MARD, in the first four months of this year exported 85,000 tonnes VN individual types worth 635 million USD.

Compared with the same period of 2014, exports increased by 14.1% which in terms of volume and 36.3% in value. USA, China and the Netherlands remain the market three largest importers of VN thing, over 60% of total export value of this item.

* Position of cashews VN in the US today like, sir?

- For the ninth year in a row as the country's largest cashew exporter in the world, VN has an important position in the global cashew trade in general and in particular in the US market.

VN now not only the largest cashew exporter in the world but also one of the two processing centers globally famous thing.

Every year the world has about 2.8 to 2.9 million tonnes of cashews, the only VN has processed 1.3 million tonnes (about 40%), equivalent to India.  

2014, of which 170,000 tons of US imports, VN has supplied approximately 80,000 tons (nearly half). Although compared with the two main rival India and Brazil, the US VN individual is taxed 5% (cashews two countries on non-taxable) for the hotel and the American consumer is very interested in county Articles of VN.

Righteousness in the trade promotion conference held in the last trip, the US partners also said they appreciate quality things VN's exports to the US.

Both AFI and FDA have noted that the industry's efforts in improving the quality VN because in recent years, the quality of individual VN exports to the US next year better than last year.

* If things VN quality so good, why the FDA to prepare inspection unit 15 that the leading exporter of VN, sir?

- It is true that individual quality of VN exports to the US next year better than last year but still has plenty of room for improvement.

US customers said that VN good quality but unstable because there are too many clues VN exports. In addition to leading exporters, the still more exporters doing business, ie no plants, just go purchasing from the manufacturer so the quality is uneven and unstable. 

Specifically, VN increasingly dependent on crude imports from Africa, which has a very poor quality and if not how will the individual processing of low quality.

US partners with whom we met said they trust the individual quality of VN.Although individual export over 50% of VN is importing raw materials from Africa but the processing technology has helped to overcome the disadvantages of that quality. The US side appreciated this point in VN.

To the FDA said in 2015 they will check about 15 cashew exporter of VN leading into the US market. This is a periodic inspection program of the FDA not by the quality of VN alarming. To the FDA will totally cost free in the first test.

If the business does not meet the criteria of the FDA making and must be re-tested, all expenses will by now have. To the FDA also said it is not an external technical barriers for their cashews check with other foods, in addition to VN they also check for other exporting countries.

* What advantages VN have to increase exports to the US individual in the future, sir?

- In the last mission, the partners in the US, said that due to prolonged drought last four seasons primarily nuts like almonds US, chestnuts, walnuts mainly cultivated in California being crop failures or reduced yields.

Show prices in US almonds very high compared with the previous year should US consumers are actively moving through eating cashews. This is a favorable opportunity to VN strengthen exports to the US.

Unlike India, cashews in VN are processed primarily by computer while India has crafted several stages. Therefore, the issue of food safety and product quality individual of VN is guaranteed a better day. 

A great opportunity cashew VN in the future that is TPP. When this agreement is signed, the tax that the US VN cashews will no longer, therefore cashews VN will compete more equally with cashew nuts from India and Brazil. 

With just analyze the situation and the TPP will soon signed, in 2016 the amount of cashew exports to US from VN may reach 100,000 tons / year.