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Forecast 2015 rice exports difficult

On 10/10, in the city. Ho Chi Minh, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development held preliminary conference produced rice crop year 2014 - start production in 2014-2015 winter-spring crop in southern regions. Information at the conference, Pham Van Bay, vice chairman of the Vietnam Food Association (VFA) predicted, 2015 was a difficult year for businesses of Vietnam rice exporter.
According to the analysis of the VFA, Vietnam 2015 rice will be subject to fierce competition with Thai rice, especially the strength of Vietnam's fragrant rice (Jasmine), Thailand also offers 2 different varieties of quality competition equivalent to the amount and price. The competition not only in Asia but also in the African market will also take place in the near future. Meanwhile, over-quota consumption are the strict management should be difficult for businesses, easy rice traders over this road.
Mr. Bay said that from now until the end of the year, domestic prices will stand at present, difficult to rise which can be mitigated by import demand from the market has fallen. On average rice price in the country the whole year is still quite good, beneficial to farmers, but in 2014 the rice export business were difficult due to price fluctuations of raw materials in the country towards increasing, exports through quota is bought by traders at high prices, while export prices depend on world markets. In 2014, enterprises of VFA will attempt to consume all commercial rice farmers, while the balance for rice exports for the month rational late 2014 and early 2015.
Previous forecasts from VFA, Mr. Phan Huy Thong, Director of the National Agricultural Extension Centre said that in the difficult case of rice output for 2015, the agricultural sector needs to consider whether to maintain the winter-spring crop production 2015 To what extent, considering the limited area should keep production scale as the current season harvest or not ... In particular, the industry needs temporary storage plan early on to stabilize rice production 2014-2015 winter-spring crop, the crop is considered to be the most profitable in the year are not affected by the weather from ...
According synthesized from DCP (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), 2014 South region sowed 4.7 million hectares, down 26 940 ha; production estimated at nearly 27.8 million tonnes, up 916,365 tonnes compared with 2013, due to increased yield by 2.27 kg / ha compared to 2013. In that case, the Mekong Delta region decreased 36 373 ha sowing and production increased 832,416 tons compared to 2013. Production increased due to increased yield of 2.45 tons / ha compared to 2013. The Southeast region increased by 9433 hectares sowing and production increased 83 949 tonnes compared with 2013. Production increased due to increased acreage and increased yield of 0.82 tons / ha compared to 2013.
VFA report shows, through December 9/2014, the amount of rice exported nearly 4.8 million tons, worth about 2 billion USD FOB, CIF nearly $ 2.2 billion. Compared with the same period of 2013, decreased 7.81% amount, reduced by 7.2% of the FOB value, CIF value fell 5.51% and the average FOB price increase of $ 2.85 / tonne; registration of export contracts to 6.5 million tonnes 30/9